Boat  trips  , Kayaking, River  Cruise on  Ream River

Boat trip, kayaking, crruise Ream River Sihanoukville
Kayaking and Boat trips on Ream River

Discover the beauty of the Ream River by boat or kayak.

Explore with a boat or kayak the many mangrove lined tributaries, connecting channels, make a trip to the waterfall make a cruise into Ream Nationalpark, to

a fishing village, or for fishing, look around, photography, or simply take in the serenity nature.



Boat trip and kayaking Ream River Sihanoukville
Cruise at Ream River


You can make a boat trips with different types  of boats:

 *  Kayak,

 *  Wooden Longtail,
 *  Fibreglass Longtail,
 *  Fibreglass Half Cabin Cruiser

Kayaking Ream River Sihanoukville
Kayaking Ream River


Please contact me for pricing. The price

depends on number of participants and

the kind of vehicel for the transfer.



30 minutes from Sihanoukville

 After your trip make a rest at the restaurant on the river.